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Free Shipping on Orders $200+
Free Shipping on Orders $200+

New Site Information

Happy 2020!

Sorry for any confusion and or inconvenience.

We have activated our new site, but we are not able to transfer accounts and orders into the new system. A new account will have to be created. We still have access to all your past invoices for records and to close out current orders in process. 

We can download and send all past invoices for your records upon requests. 

Any account that is tax exempt, we can adjust as soon as a new account is created.  

We are working on improving our ordering process and currently adding new items and still creating pages for custom products. If you are needing something we do not have on our site, please let us know as we can add new products quickly with this new system. 

We are still organizing and rearranging the site for best possible layout, for your patience during this process we will be providing a discount code that will be coming through in a email blast. 

Use Coupon Code: NEWCUSTOMER15

Save 15% on your first order.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

Happy New Year, 


Milweb1 LLC Staff