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  • 10mil Gloss Paper Poster - Milweb1

    10mil Gloss Paper Poster


    10 mil Photo Paper. Printed with Eco-Solvent Ink Indoor use only. Non-Water Resistance, Non-Tear Resistance. High quality Gloss Finish. Max. si...

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  • 10mil PVC Poster Film - Milweb1

    10mil PVC Poster Film


    10 mil PVC Display Poster Gray Backed. Rigid & Curl Free Printed with Eco-Solvent Full Color 720dpi. Composite PVC/PET Gray Back Film Water Res...

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  • 15mil Canvas - Milweb1

    15mil Canvas


    15 mil Poly / Cotton base canvas Print ONLY no framing included. 1:1 Weave Structure Printed with Eco-Solvent Full Color 720dpi. Excellent flexibil...

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